Choose the promoted post filtering by keywords!

We know you wanted it, so here is our Valentine's present! We are eager to announce that we have really enhanced the Automatic Post Promotion options: from now on you have the chance to filter posts to be promoted by using post text keywords among other criteria.

This is available on the second step of campaign creation and it only takes a couple of clicks! After selecting the Page, click on "Automatically promote Latest Post", select "Post text contains any of the following keywords" and type the words you would like to search by!

Click on "validate your post filters" and the game is done!


Have you already managed to publish your campaign? No problem, this can be also done from the campaign's main dashboard! You would just need to select the pencil icon next to the "automatically promote" field in the campaign's dashboard and insert the keyword(s) you wish to be used as search criteria!



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