Testing your saved audiences

AdEspresso makes it super easy to split test all kinds of elements of your campaign, and audiences are no different! If you wish to test your audiences, you must first build them out using our Asset Manager.

If you are not familiar with how the Asset Manager works, definitely take the time to read our Knowledge Base article on the topic and get caught up! It will save you a lot of time setting up your campaigns if you can create and load your audiences into your campaign during set up. 

Once your audiences are created, we can click to create a new campaign, and go through the usual set up. Split testing your audiences will be done at Step 3: Audience Selection. Once you are at Step 3, you have two options for your audience: single or test multiple.  Of course, we want to select to test multiple audiences!




From here, we'll be presented with a dropdown menu that allows us to select our saved audiences to test in the campaign. 

When the campaign is published, you will end up with a group of ads based on the creatives you are using in the campaign for each saved audience you selected.


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