Pixel Caffeine

AdEspresso has created the best WordPress plugin for users looking to use pixel tracking on their WordPress website! Learn more from our blog post, and download the plugin from here! You can finally include conversion tracking on your website, create custom audiences and events, and make your Facebook campaigns even more relevant. 

If you have questions on how the Pixel Caffeine plugin works, they can be directed to the WordPress community: Support Community on WordPress.



Pixel Caffeine FAQ

  1. Where do I get my Facebook Pixel ID?
    You can get your Facebook Pixel ID from the Pixel page of Facebook Ads Manager. If you don't have a Pixel, you can create a new one by following these instructions. Remember, there is only ONE Pixel assigned per ad account. 

  2. Do I need a new Facebook Pixel? 
    No, use the pixel from the ad account you want to link to your WordPress website.
  3. I don't want to login to my Facebook account. Can I add the pixel ID manually without connecting my account?
    No problem! You can manually add the Pixel ID in the settings page instead of connecting your Facebook account. However, without the Facebook connect, you won't be able to use some of the most advanced features of Pixel Caffeine like our Custom Audience creation.

  4. Are the custom audiences saved also on my Facebook ad account?
    Yes, everything you create in Pixel Caffeine is immediately synced with Facebook and all the audiences will be immediately available to use in Facebook Ads Manager/Power Editor ...or AdEspresso if you're using it of course ;)
  5. Is it compatible with WooCommerce?
    YES! We fully support WooCommerce. In the settings page just enable the integration and we'll automatically add all the event tracking! This is also compatible with Dynamic Product Ads and we'll pass Facebook all the advanced settings like product Id, cost, etc.!

  6. Can I import my custom audiences I already have in my ad account into Pixel Caffeine? 
    Unfortunately there isn’t any way at the moment to import custom audiences from FB, but it is a feature in our long-term roadmap. With the plugin we want to give extended tools for advanced custom audiences - using WordPress data. This plug-in is NOT a replacement for Business Manager, but it does make it all easier!
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