Can I access my Facebook Saved Audiences on AdEspresso?

Unfortunately, while Custom Audience are available on AdEspresso, we cannot import the FB saved audiences on the platform. We made a similar feature for you in AdEspresso!

You'll be able to create your saved audience in the Asset Manager, during campaign creation or after campaign publication from your campaign's main dashboard. Let's see how!

For a complete guide on how to create your Saved Audience from the Asset Manager, you can check this article!

You can also load and save your audience during campaign creation. On Step 3 of the creation form, you can choose to load a pre configured saved audience.

At the bottom of the page, there is the Save Audience feature.

With the save button you can save the target you are currently defining, while with the Overwrite existing audience button you can overwrite the audience you have loaded above.

Finally, you can save your audience after campaign publication in your campaign's main dashboard, just click on the Save Audience button below your Current Target box below the main graph


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