Failed Campaigns: How AdEspresso Manages them

Why do Campaigns fail?

Campaigns publication is a task that is executed at the time you request your campaign to be published but sometimes due to Facebook structure it is not always successful on the first attempt. For each campaign, we always try several times automatically before declaring the campaign a failure.

When also these attempts fail, we also do queue a retrial for later on, and proceed with the same attempts in a while.

We will usually write to you within 48 hours of the campaign failing to let you know the failure is 100% not something we can help with. You may have a quicker chance for more info on the campaign failure status from your ad manager directly:


What can I do about it?
What I can suggest you is, if a specific campaign should start on a certain day, to set it at least the day before. Outside publication issues, there is always the possibility that ads are disapproved, so you usually want to plan campaigns in advance anyway.

If you simply try creating and publishing the campaign anyways, there is a good chance this won't help the situation for you and you risk ending up with two duplicate campaigns. Just drop us a line at support and we can investigate and publish the campaign for you!

Check out our section dedicated to publication issues here for some more info! 

What if I don't want to have my campaign published anymore?

No worries! Have a look here!



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