Why is my number of clicks on Facebook and AdEspresso different?

On Facebook you usually see Clicks as one of the main metric for your campaigns, but what are those clicks in concrete? Starting from July 2015 Facebook updated the metrics of Clicks CPC and CPA to indicate only clicks that brought the user on external websites. Ideally so, this should be the clinks that landed users into your website.


Of course there is a "but" as this is not exactly the official answer on what are link clinks for Facebook. In fact, the current definition is different and can include a higher range of actions (as you may also double check with GA if you have it installed on your website). So why the numbers are higher?

the reason why link_clicks are so high, it is because of the 1d_view attribution. If a user views the ad but doesn't click the ad, and later directly click on the same link somewhere else, it will be attributed through view instead of click. so the link_click will get that attribution whereas inline_link_click will not (since it doesn't have the concept of attribution window).

What does this means? It means that in your normal Clicks counter on Facebook are also reported visits that do not come directly from your ads.

So, what are the clicks number if I want to count only people that effectively clicked on my ads and were redirected on my website? Those are the Inline _link_clicks and this is the Clicks stat reported on AdEspresso.


So, now the important questions (and answers!):


Is it normal that your Clicks, CPC and CTR is different from AdEspresso and Facebook?

Yes if you compare Inline Link clicks on AdEspresso and Clicks on Facebook, it is not if you compare the same metric on both platforms (and you should let us know!).


Are "normal" Clicks reported on AdEspresso?

No they are not, and we do not want to add them right now. Given the current data, we think that we will be keeping the current type of report as it is more reliable (and you will see it matching much better your GA data).


Why did you make that choice?

Honestly we are not sure that Facebook should get the credit of clicks occurred from people that visited your website without clicking on the ad, as those are probably people that were already your users. However regardless of our considerations this should give you tools to better review and act based on the data you see displayed.


Still interested in Facebook official disclosure on this? Then this is the article for you!

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