Manage your campaign's budget

After your campaign has run for a while, you may choose to pause some ads that you can see aren't performing very well. This may have an effect on your campaign’s budget.

When ads within an adset are paused, their budget is redistributed automatically to the active ads within the campaign.

When an entire adset is paused, that adset’s budget is removed from the campaign. It's a good idea, therefore, to edit your campaign's budget after pausing adsets, if you want to keep the campaign running with the original budget amount.

The exception to this is if your campaign is using Campaign Budget Optimization. Budgets for these campaigns are managed at the campaign level, not at the adset level. So pausing an adset will not impact your campaign’s budget. You can however still manage the campaign’s budget if needed from the campaign dashboard.

To edit a campaign's budget

  1. Navigate to the campaign's dashboard, and scroll down to the Campaign Details box.
  2. Click Edit (pencil icon) next to the budget.
  3. Make edits to the budget in this popup.
    Standard campaigns: In the Basic tab, distribute the new budget across all adsets or across all active adsets. Click the Advanced tab to edit the budget of each individual adset in the campaign.213984558_CaptureBUDGET2.PNG
    Campaign Budget Optimization: Make edits to your campaign's budget, spend cap, or schedule. Click AdSet daily spend limits to set a minimum and maximum daily spend limit for each individual adset in the campaign.
  4. Click Save and close.
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