I want to re-use my creativities and keep my social proof

Sometimes, you may find yourself in this situation: your ad has amazing social proof (lots of likes, comments and shares) and you want to re-use it for another campaign while keeping the engagement it has created. However, both on Facebook and AdEspresso, you cannot create a new campaign using existing ads.

So, what can you do? You have a couple of options here: you can either copy your campaign or edit it.

Copy Your Campaign

The creative of your ads must be kept unchanged in order to retain your social proof. You can copy your campaign but you must follow those directions: Step 2 of Campaign Creation must remain unchanged (do not edit the creativities if you are promoting External Website, or the posts if you are promoting a Page Post), you can only change Facebook pixel but do not change any Google Analytic parameters of the old campaign, including the name of the reference campaign (double check this part since is generated with the campaign’s title that may have changed). For general instructions on how to copy a campaign, see more info on this article.

Edit you Campaign

Another option, probably the easiest of the two, is to edit your campaign. Here again, mind that in order to keep you social proof, you must not edit your creativities, while you can edit the target to refresh the audience of your ads.

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