Continent and Macro area targeting

If you are looking to target something more than a single country, there are extra options available on AdEspresso. Here is a list of the names of the areas available, please mind that the names aren't translated: you will find them on the list as they are here regardless of your account's language!


Targeting options:

worldwide: for Worldwide.
africa: for Africa.
south america: for South America.
central america: for Central America.
caribbean: for Caribbean.
north america: for North America.
europe: for Europe.
asia: for Asia.
oceania: for Oceania.
eea: for European Economic Area.
nafta: for North American Free Trade Agreement.
afta: for ASEAN Free Trade Area.
mercosur: for MERCOSUR.
gcc: for Gulf Cooperation Council.
apec: for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
cisfta: for Commonwealth of Independent States Free Trade Area.

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