Review changes made to your campaign

On AdEspresso

Each campaign in AdEspresso has a Timeline tab where you can review logs of any changes made to the campaign, including changes made by automatic and custom optimization rules.


Click the blue pencil icon to view changes made by account users, including the name of the person who modified the campaign, and when the change was made.

Click the green checkmark icon to view changes applied to the campaign by any automatic optimization or custom optimization rules.

Click the yellow Notes icon to view any annotations to the campaign that explain why a change was made. Annotations can be added, edited and deleted at any time.

If you make an edit, and want to add a note to the campaign's timeline about it, or to document any other notes about the campaign, click Add new annotation.


Select the date, enter your note, and then click Save.


On Facebook

If you are looking for something more specific, you can review your logs on Facebook.

  1. Go to your Ads Manager (
  2. Click the Campaigns, AdSets or Ads tab.
  3. Click the check box next to the campaign, AdSet of Ad you want to view.
  4. Click to open the side panel.
  5. Click the Activity Types drop-down menu and choose Account.

You'll be redirected to your account history broken down into activity, activity details, item changed, name of person who changed it, date and time.

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