How ads are divided in different AdSets

If you have different targets, AdEspresso will create different AdSets for each target and any other combination of creativity will fit inside it.

As per Facebook rules, an AdSet can have only one target, so there is no way to set your ads to aim to different targets in the same AdSet.

On the other hand, if you only have one target (no active Split Tests on Target) but you have different creativities, AdEspresso will try to set up an experiment for creativities and separate them as much as possible in multiple AdSets in order to give visibility to all of them equally (if the budget assist, of course).
If you want to ensure each ad has its own AdSet, you must ensure you have at least minimum budget*number of ads, else some of your ads will end up together in the same AdSet.

If you end up finding a good setting for your ads and would like to keep all the ads together, you have a couple of possibilities on how to continue:

  1. Add a "less relevant" split test, like on Gender, so you will have two AdSets, but each group will keep all the Ads together.
  2. Use the minimum budget for the campaign, and then raise it after publication at your own convenience. The minimum budget for a campaign depends on the bid and other factors, for example a campaign bidding automatic for App Installs has a minimum budget of 40$.

This should give you enough insights to set your campaigns as you desire!


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