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With AdEspresso, you can create beautiful PDF reports to be shared with your team, your clients, or whoever needs it. However, sometimes it can be more convenient to have something quicker or easier to configure, and this is why we have released PDF report templates to save you even more time on reporting.
To use PDF Report Templates, just navigate to Tools -> Report Generator.


Once you reach the Report Generator, click on the green "new report" button and from here you'll see a few options to proceed with the creation of your report:


AdEspresso has 3 different Report Templates you can use choose from:

  • Audience Analysis: A report completely designed around your audience! Quickly understand who your best customers are and how much every audience is performing.
  • Revenue Performances: A great conversion-focused report to analyze your spend and revenue generated across campaigns!
  • In-Depth Report: A huge report with everything you need to analyze every aspect of your Facebook Ads!

Once you select your report template, we can move on to the next step and configure the name of the report, and the data we're reporting on.


You can specify to report on campaigns, tags, or ad accounts of data as per usual. Once you proceed to the next step, your modules will be pre-selected and filled with data.  You can review that they are what you are looking for, or edit the modules to reflect a change you'd like to make to your template.

If you make any changes to your template, you can save as a new report at the next step when you preview your report.

Proceed to check the preview of your report, then configure your delivery to be sent to specific email addresses or to be generated from AdEspresso and emailed to you and voila! Your report templates just saved you some time on reporting, way to go! 

For some more information on our Report Generator, check out this section of our Knowledge Base!

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