You can sync your lead generation emails to a LinkedIn Custom Audience in a blink of an eye!

The first steps to take are the same as for all other CRM Data Sync:

1. Log into your AdEspresso account at

2. Inside AdEspresso, go to Tools -> Data Sync.


3. Enter a name for the new sync you want to create and click on the button "Create new sync".


4. Select the SOURCE for your sync choosing one of the available CRMs. LinkedIn is enabled as a target for them. Unlike other CRMs, unfortunately Facebook Lead Generation is not a valid source.


5. The Source Configuration will follow the standard CRM configuration.

6. In the third step of the process, you would be asked to choose your target. You would need to select LinkedIn at this step and then click Next.


7. Then you would be asked to login into your LinkedIn Account in order to proceed.


Once logged in, you would have access to your LinkedIn Audiences. Just select the one you are interested in from the drop down menu and click on next.


8. The "Mapping" step acts in the same way as for others CRM with the only exception that the only field required and supported is the email address. You would also have a "Recap" section: if everything is fine, click Save on the bottom right corner and the game is done ! Otherwise you can go back by clicking Back on the bottom left corner to change things.


Is there any particular difference with other CRMs?

Yes, Linkedin synching is quite different. Keep in mind that, due to the nature of Linkedin connection, AdEspresso is going to sync LinkedIn Audiences every 24 hours, based on the time of creation. This is different than others integration where we do an incremental update every 10 minutes.



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