Copyright errors

If you are here you probably have been notified that your campaign could not be published probably due to copyright issues.

The error encountered is that the ad creative video you used may be affected by copyright issues (could be both the video and/or audio track), if so you may have received a notification about in on Facebook directly about which asset was involved.

If that's the case, in order to have your campaign successfully published you need to change your video or the music in it.

If this is not the case, please contact us from the help widget inside AdEspresso and tell us which is the campaign that encountered the error!

More useful info:

If you have a publishing error in AdEspresso, you can be comforted to know that we will always retry the publication again for you automatically and will notify you if the error is permanent as in this case. Check here for some more details on how this is managed.

Did you happen to have a failed campaign that you don't want that we retry to publish? No problem, see here on how to delete it.

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