Offline conversion data set error

AdEspresso does not currently support Offline Conversion Tracking, however some Ad Accounts may have this option enabled but half-configured and this may cause troubles publishing your campaign.

This is likely caused by a bug with Facebook's configuration, but since the solution process on Facebook's side is still in progress, there are some things we can do to publish the campaign successfully.

More info on the topic: 

  • Everything you need to know about Offline events:
  • If you have everything set on Fb side, can i work with Offline Conversion?
    Yes, we won't show you any specific option, but if your Ad Account is set properly you can publish your campaigns with the auto-tracking on. 
  • Will you fully support it in the future? 
    We are still discussing  the impact of this option for our users at the moment, but you can give us some feedback if you are interested in the feature. 

Not interested and just want your campaign published?

Disable auto-tracking for offline conversions by following these steps:

  1. Go to Offline Event Manager Settings
  2. Select the Offline Conversion Set you created/was assigned
  3. Turn off the tracking for the Ad Account that is getting the error:

... save it and you are done!

More on autotracking here.

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