Create and export PDF reports

Create custom PDF reports with AdEspresso’s Report Generator. Start from a template, or create custom reports from scratch. Reports are built using data at the campaign level, tag level, or ad account level.

Elite, Diamond, and Enterprise users can white label their reports, and add custom themes and logos.

Reports can be saved and downloaded as needed, or scheduled to be delivered to specified email addresses on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

To create a custom report

  1. Click Tools on the main navigation bar, and then click Report Generator.
  2. Click Create New Report.
  3. Select the Blank report, and then click Setup report.
  4. Enter a report name, and then select the data you want to report on (campaigns, tags, or ad accounts).
  5. Elite users and up: Select or create a theme for the report. More details
  6. Click Config modules.
  7. Select Aggregated Modules, to report on data aggregated from all campaigns based on the initial data selection (campaigns, tags, or ad accounts), or Campaign Modules, to display data for each campaign separately, and then click Add Module.
    Aggregated and campaign modules can be combined in the same report.
  8. Select a module to add to the report, and then populate its data by selecting a detail level field and a performance or conversion field from the lists on the left.
  9. Enter a title for the module at the top of the popup, and then click Add. Repeat steps 7- 9 until your report is complete.
  10. Hover over each module in the report to access the delete, resize, reconfigure, and rearrange buttons.
  11. When you have finished adding and arranging modules, click Next Step in the top-right corner and preview your report.
  12. Click Back in the top-right corner to continue editing, or click Next Step.
  13. Click Download PDF, or click Configure to schedule the report’s delivery. More details below

To create a report from a template

  1. Click Tools on the main navigation bar, and then click Report Generator.
  2. Click Create New Report.
  3. Select one of the following templates, and then click Setup report.
    • Revenue Performances: A conversion-focused report to analyze your spend and revenue generated across campaigns.
    • Audience Analysis: Quickly understand who your best customers are and how every audience is performing.
    • In-depth Report: A huge report with everything you need to analyze every aspect of your Facebook Ads.
  4. Enter a report name, and select the data you want to report on (campaigns, tags, or ad accounts).
  5. Click Config modules. Your report modules will be pre-selected and filled with data.
  6. Review and customize as necessary, and then click Next Step.
  7. Optional: If you’ve made changes to the template that you want to reuse, click Save report as template. Note: Saved templates cannot be deleted.
  8. Export or configure the report for delivery.

Export or schedule report delivery

On the last step of report creation, you can choose to download your new report, or configure it to be delivered on a regular basis. These options are also available from the All Reports list at any time.
Reports can be delivered to as many email addresses as you need.

The delivery options include:

  • Monthly - first or last day of the month
  • Weekly - specific day of the week
  • Daily

You can also select the time of day in a specific timezone that the report email is delivered. Ensure that the selected timezone corresponds to the timezone of the ad account used in the report. The reports can be sent with a custom email subject and message.

To configure delivery of a report

  1. From the All Reports list, click Configure Delivery Status or click Configure after creating a new report.
  2. Enter the email address(es) that will receive the report on a regular basis, separated by commas.
  3. Enter an email subject and message.
  4. Set the delivery frequency and time.
  5. Click Save.
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