My campaigns aren't imported on AdEspresso

Within AdEspresso you can import currently active campaigns, which include only campaigns currently running.

First thing, you want to check if the import is active for your campaigns, which is pretty easy and can be done from your Ad Account page.


You need to check that the switch is set to YES. If this is the case, you may want to ensure you have active campaigns on Facebook for that specific Ad Account (you may have them on different Ad Accounts that are not on AdEspresso!).

There are some exceptions. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot import:

  1. Campaigns that have completed AdSets.
  2. Campaigns that have ads with now invalid data (deleted pictures, deleted tracking pixels etc)
  3. Campaigns that include Shutterstock photos because the pictures are owned by Shutterstock and cannot be imported by other services.
  4. Campaigns that use a mixed combination of ads creatives (normal and carousel)

Please mind that the import is "once for all" and we do not update the campaign's structure if further edits are made after the import (e.g. if you create new ads on Facebook).

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