Campaign's Objective, Optimization Goal & Billing Event

There are three different settings on the campaigns:

  1. Campaign's Objective
  2. Optimization goal
  3. Billing Event

Campaign Objective

Your campaign's objective should match your advertising Goal. If you are selling a product, and your intent is selling that product, your campaign's objective must be set as Website conversion. This is "an overview" of why you are doing your campaign.
Best practice and explanation from Facebook of each objective here. This can NOT be changed after publication.


Attention: A VERY common error here is to set the objective as Link Click, when you are tracking conversion, Like leads or sales. If you wish to optimize your campaign for Link clicks, you have to set your optimization goal as Link Clicks, not the campaign's Objective. Campaign's Objective should stick with Website Conversion (on AdEspresso we will take care of this for you).

After this is set, there are two other options that make you getting your ads delivering matching your desires and better adapting to your business: the Optimization Goal and the Billing event

Optimization Goal

This is what the FB internal algorithm takes as your intended action for the user. The algorithm will show your ads to people more likely to do what your optimization goal asks. Most of your campaigns have optimization goal for LINK CLICK which means that your ads will be displayed to people that are more likely to click.

Billing Event (aka. what you pay for)

Billing event identify after what action you will pay, most common is impression (when an ad is showed to an user) but you have various possibilities like Link Clicks or App Installs

An example of the most common combinations:

Campaign's Objective: Website conversion
Optimization goal: Link click
Billing Event: Link click

Campaign's Objective: Website conversion
Optimization goal: Offsite conversion (aka website conversion)
Billing Event: Impressions

Campaign's Objective: Website conversion
Optimization goal: Link click
Billing Event: Impressions


Want to know more more on this? Have a look to Facebook advices!


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