I have a PPE campaign and it's listed as Website Conversion on Facebook. Why?

You create a campaign looking to optimize it for Post Engagement because, for example, if one of your posts is liked&shared a lot (engagement) you get a lot of visits to your site and, eventually, sales.

Until not long ago, you would have set your campaign bid to oCPM for post Engagement and that would have been it. Now, Facebook added another top-level on the campaign's optimization which is the campaign's Objective. (New to this? Have a look at our guide here)

So, before you had:

oCPM (Optimize for: Page Engagement and Pay for: Impression)

now you have

Optimization Goal : Page Engagement
Billing Event: Impressions

ans until now is the same as usual, just different names. What about the top layer? The top layer is the Campaign's Objective, which must be the final goal of your campaign. What is your final goal? Sells. So we have the last piece and the whole situation becomes this:

Campaign's Objective: Website Conversions
Optimization Goal : Page Engagement
Billing Event: Impressions

So, what this looks like on AdEspresso and Facebook?

On AE you will create a campaign as follows


and on the Summary it will look like this


Where are these information on Facebook? You will find them in two different places:

At campaign's level you will have noted the Campaign's Objective.

While at Ad Set level you will find information about the Optimization Goal and Billing event


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