Why is my Page post engagement campaign listed as website conversion on Facebook?

It makes sense to create a campaign that optimizes for post engagement because you know that posts that get liked and shared a lot get you a lot of visits to your site and, eventually, sales. But it's important to remember that there are 3 elements to a campaign: campaign objective, optimization goal, and billing event. Learn more about these elements here

AdEspresso chooses your campaign objective for you, based on the type of campaign you create, whether you enable tracking in step 2, and what you choose to optimize for in step 4 during campaign creation. So in the example above, with your end goal being sales, even though you optimized for engagement, your objective will be website conversions.

Campaign objective: Website conversions
Optimization goal : Page engagement
Billing event: Impressions

So what does this look like on AdEspresso and Facebook?

On AdEspresso you will create a campaign as follows:


On the Campaign Summary it will look like this:


On Facebook you'll find this information in two different places. At the campaign level you will have noted the Campaign's Objective.

While at the Adset level you will find information about the Optimization Goal and Billing event


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