Create a custom audience in AdEspresso

Custom audiences are targeting options that let you find specific groups of people on Facebook. You can create custom audiences from data you already have such as email addresses or phone numbers. You can create one with a data sync with your CRM, a data file, a lookalike audience from a conversion pixel, Page fan lookalikes, your website, engagement on your Page, or from a video.

To create a custom audience

  1. Click Tools on the main navigation bar, and then click Asset Manager.
  2. Click New Asset in the top-right corner, and then select Custom Audience.
  3. Select a source for your custom audience, and then click Next.
  4. Enter a name for the custom audience, complete the rest of the configuration fields, and then click Create.

To create and use a custom audience, your ad account needs to accept Facebook's Custom Audience Terms of Service here and here. AdEspresso usually does this automatically for you, but if you have issues creating a new custom audience, check these links to make sure the ad account you're using has accepted these terms.

Do keep in mind that once your audience has been created, it won't be usable until it has at least 20 users in it as per Facebook's rule.

The maximum number of custom audiences that can be created per account vary by audience type:

  • Data file custom audience: 500
  • Custom audience from your website: 10000
  • Mobile app custom audience: 200
  • Lookalike audiences: 500

Find information on creating lookalike audiences here.

Find information on creating custom audiences from data files here.

Find information on creating saved audiences here.


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