I accepted TOS for my page for Lead Generation campaign but cannot proceed

Whenever you go to create your first Lead Ad for a Page, you will be asked to accept some Lead Ad TOS from Facebook. If you happen to be creating your first lead ad in AdEspresso and find that when you have just accepted the TOS and go back to AdEspresso to finish your campaign, you are still being asked to accept the TOS.


This happens because we have some cached data coming from your account, which doesn't let us recognize that you have already accepted the TOS for your page. 

Fortunately,  this a one time request for permissions, so once is fixed you .won't need to do it ever again.  There's two tricks available:

  • Save a draft of your campaign, and try with a CTR+SHIFT+R as after the acceptance there can be some "old" info stored that keeps you showing the alert instead of having you proceed.



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