Sync your Leads right after the publication of your campaign

When you're creating a Lead Generation campaign, you can immediately start the Sync of your Leads to a CRM.
On the main Dashboard of the campaign, you'll see two boxes with the two options you have:

  • Download the .csv list of your Leads (this action will download ALL the leads collected by the form)
  • Sync this Campaign Leads (this action will only sync the leads from the selected campaign, so the total number of synced leads may be smaller than the total number of leads in the .csv list)


By clicking on the "Sync this Campaign Leads" button, you'll be directly prompted to Step 3 of the AdEspresso Data Sync, where you can choose your Target and proceed with the configuration of your Sync (Step 1 and 2 will have been automatically precompiled, Configuration Name will be the Campaign name, while Source will be the selected campaign):


Please mind that, in order to download the list of your Leads, you will need to be connected on Facebook with an user that is an Admin of the page where the form is hosted (see also this article)

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