How to use Google Analytics placeholders

If your campaign contains a Link aiming to an external URL, at Step 2 of your campaign you will be presented with two tracking options: Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

For Google Analytics we figure it out that you may need some advanced information, so we created place holders to let you attach some of the campaign's info that may change from ad to ad to better track what's going on with your campaign directly from GA.


You can further customize your text by using personal text, for example you could have in the content field something like





Can I use those Placeholders outside the UTM content?
Yes, but they need to be placed on the "Add extra options to your URL" section (below in the screenshot).

What will I see on my GA interface?
You will see the actual value of the ad that generated the interaction. So instead {ad_name} you will get the real name of the ad, like "Ad 1 - UK"

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