May 2018 - Find out what's new this month on AdEspresso!

Here's the video changelog for the month of May!

May 2018 - AdEspresso video changelog 

We released 5 new features this month, with AdEspresso it's now possible to:

  1. Promote Page posts by keyword from the text or hashtags of your post in Automatic Post Promotion campaigns!
  2. Save time creating a campaign by copying one of your latest ones!
  3. Connect your Google Adwords account to AdEspresso and get Analytics for your Search campaigns! We'll continue improving Google Adwords support over the year with many new features! Stay tuned!
  4. Easily order campaign reviews and coaching calls with our Facebook Ads experts through Marketing Services.
  5. Use Google Sheets to integrate your Custom Audience and Lead Ads syncs with the Data Sync tool.


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