Create campaign quick reports

Generate a PDF report on the performance of a Facebook or Google campaign with just a few clicks. Quick reports are meaningful reports that you can easily create and share without having to build them yourself. There are several report types to choose from.

Create quick reports from the campaign dashboard, right below the main graph. They can be created for imported campaigns as well as those created in AdEspresso.

Quick reports are available for campaigns that are at least one day old, and have generated some data during the time period selected.

To create a quick report

  1. Navigate to a campaign’s dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Report below the main graph.
  3. Select a report time range, template, and if using the Facebook Conversion Reporting template, choose a main conversion.
  4. Click Report Generator. When the report is complete, a Download button will appear. The report will also be sent to your email address.

Quick reports use the same default theme as that selected in the report generator tool.

Only one quick report at a time can be created per campaign. If a new one is generated, the previous report will be overwritten. Quick reports expire after 30 days.

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