Manage Google Ads campaigns

Analyze your performance metrics by ad group, ad, or keyword, and then make changes to your running Google Ads search campaigns to optimize their performance. Manage the ads, ad groups, or keywords of a campaign.

To edit or delete an ad

  1. Click the All Ads tab of a Google campaign, and then click Actions Actions_icon.png to the right of the ad.
  2. Click Edit, make changes to any of the text of your ad, and then click Save.
    Or click Delete, and then click Yes, delete this ad to confirm.

To delete an ad group

  1. Click the Ad Groups tab of a Google campaign, and then click Delete to the right of the ad group.
  2. Click Yes, delete this ad group to confirm.

To pause, delete, or manage budget for a keyword

Maximum CPC can be edited at the keyword level for campaigns using the Manual or Enhanced CPC bid strategies.

  1. Click the Ad Groups tab of a Google campaign.
  2. Click the name of the ad group from the list.
  3. Click Ads in the table heading, and select Keywords from the drop-down instead.
  4. Click Edit Edit.png to change the status or Max. CPC of the keywords, or click Delete Delete.png on the right.
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