Measure the results of your split tests

So you've had a look at the guide on setting up your first campaign and created some split tests. It's been running for a while and collecting data so now you are ready to check on the results!

First, navigate to your campaign dashboard and then click the Ads Reporting tab. This tab only appears for campaigns that are running split tests.

The Ads Reporting page shows a breakdown of your experiments. This is where you can go to view the results of whatever element(s) you tested in your campaign. Whether you are split testing audiences, creative, interests, placements, or anything else, you can use this section to review the results and pause whichever experiments are not performing as well as they need to.


In this example campaign, we tested 3 different ad images against each other. Each image has been assigned a color on the graph: red, blue, and yellow. We can specify our preferred graph metric from the drop-down on the left. We're going to look at our experiment in terms of Cost per conversion.


We can see each experiment and the results we got from each test. From here we can pause the underperforming experiments.

View the results of two split tests at a time

This can be done by selecting a secondary stat from the drop-down on the left. In this campaign, we also split tested several locations so we're going to analyze each image in each country. Here's what the analysis looks like:


We can see at a glance that the image with the espresso machine had a particularly expensive cost per conversion in the country Netherlands, so we can easily justify turning off that particular ad due to the high costs.

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