Facebook Messenger ads

Messenger gives customers a fast and convenient way to get in touch with your business. While they can schedule appointments and ask questions about your services, you can build personal connections with your customers.

Click-to-Messenger ads invite your audience to start a conversation with you in Messenger. Clicking on your ad's CTA will open Messenger. This ad type can be displayed in Facebook's desktop feed, mobile feed, or in Messenger itself.

When you create a Messenger ad campaign, you can set up either a welcome message to greet users who click on your ads, or, upload or paste a JSON file template message. These can include text, images, or action items, and enable you to connect a bot for quick replies.

To create ads that appear in users' Messenger Home tab, see this article.

To create a Messenger campaign

  1. Click New Campaign on the main navigation bar and proceed to create your campaign as usual.
  2. Under What do you want to promote? select Facebook Messenger.
  3. Click Proceed.
  4. On the Ads Design step (2), select the initial message setup that users will see when they click on your ad CTA.
    • Click Custom template, and then click Choose file to upload a JSON file, or click paste your Custom template here to paste in your JSON custom template code.
    • Click Welcome Message and enter the text that will display in Messenger when a user clicks your ad CTA.
  5. Select the rest of the elements of your ad design, and proceed to set up your campaign tracking, audience, and budget.

Edit JSON templates in live campaigns within the All Ads tab > Ad Actions of the campaign.


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