White label PDF reports

You can white-label PDF reports created in the Report Generator. Create custom colour themes and add custom logos to your reports during report creation, or modify them later.

To white label a report

  1. Click Tools on the main navigation bar, and then click Report Generator.
  2. Click Create New Report.
  3. Select a Blank report or a template, and then click Setup report.
  4. Select an existing custom theme from the drop-down, or click Create New Theme.
  5. Give the theme a name, colours, and font.
  6. Optional: Enter additional text that will appear in the Header and Footer of the report.
  7. Click Add Logo to upload a custom logo image. We recommend using transparent PNG files 640x136px (max. dimensions 1000x1000px). If you have a logo included in your account whitelabeling settings, it will appear in all themes by default.
  8. Click Save. The theme will be available to use for all reports going forward.


Click Edit on any report in the All Reports list to customize its theme at any time.

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