Failed Facebook campaigns

The last step of campaign creation is to click Publish to Facebook. If all goes well, you’ll see a message saying that you successfully created your campaign, the campaign will get uploaded to Facebook, and it will undergo Facebook’s review.

If there are issues publishing your campaign, you’ll see “Oops, something went wrong” instead, as well as further instructions to resolve the issue.

Specific error message

When AdEspresso can clearly identify the issue preventing the campaign’s publication, the reason will be displayed along with a green Edit campaign button so you can easily address the issue and then proceed with publishing.
Example: “The video you tried to promote is too long for Instagram standards (max length 2 minutes). Please try again with a shorter video.”

Request to try again later

Sometimes, due to Facebook's structure, campaign publication is not always successful on the first attempt. In these cases, you’ll see “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.” and all that’s required is to click Edit campaign and then Publish to Facebook again.

We recommend waiting 30 minutes and then retrying, at least 3 times. If the campaign still has not successfully published, then please reach out to us.

Notification that AdEspresso is investigating

When a publication error doesn’t fall into one of the previous two categories, the AdEspresso team is alerted and will begin investigating the issue right away. We will usually write to you within 48 hours of a campaign failing to let you know the cause of the failure, and how to troubleshoot and address the issue.

What else can you do?

  • Trying to recreate and publish the same campaign usually doesn't help in these situations and you risk ending up with two duplicate campaigns. Drop us a line at support and we can investigate and publish the campaign for you.
  • If a campaign should start on a certain day, we recommend setting its start date at least the day before that. Outside of publication issues, there is always the possibility that ads are disapproved by Facebook, so it’s always a good idea to plan campaigns in advance.
  • If your campaign does fail to publish, and you decide you don’t want it published anymore, you can delete the campaign.

More information about publication issues.


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