Import your Facebook campaigns

You can import currently active/running campaigns into AdEspresso. Their spend does not count towards your AdEspresso plan's limit. If you have an Instagram account connected to your Facebook ad account, promoted Instagram post campaigns will also import into AdEspresso.

To import Facebook campaigns

  1. Click Settings Account_settings.png in the top-right corner.
  2. Click the Facebook Ad Accounts tab.
  3. Toggle the Import active campaigns switch to Yes for each Facebook ad account you want to import campaigns for.

The import can take up to 1 hour before all the campaigns are imported and analytics are correctly synced.

Campaigns that have completed ads or adsets cannot be imported. The campaign is no longer technically running.

Limitations of imported campaigns

Imported campaigns can be managed alongside the campaigns you create in AdEspresso, but some functionality is not available for them.

Imported campaigns:

  • Can't be copied or edited
  • Don't have the Ads Reporting or Summary tabs
  • Can't be selected for a Marketplace service campaign review
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