Track goal conversions with Facebook pixels

Enable Facebook pixel tracking for your campaigns to measure goal conversions on your website from the campaign. Facebook pixel tracking options are available for all campaigns containing links to an external URL (all campaign types except Page Likes, Place, and App campaigns).

Track just one conversion event, or multiple. You can set up tracking for multiple goals in AdEspresso to track an entire funnel of conversions for each campaign.

To be able to view the revenue associated with your conversions, enable revenue tracking in your dashboard settings.

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code from Facebook that you insert into your website to measure conversions and build audiences for your campaigns. Only one pixel can be created per Facebook ad account.

Create and install your Facebook pixel before proceeding.

To enable Facebook pixel tracking in a campaign

  1. On the Ads Design step (2) of campaign creation, check the Track goal conversions with Facebook Pixels box at the bottom of the page.
    Note there is no way to set up pixel tracking after a campaign has been published.
  2. Select a conversion event to track from the drop-down.
  3. Click the + Add_conversion.png to select another conversion event.
  4. If you are tracking multiple events, select which one will be reported as the Main goal by hovering over that event. This will be the main goal used for any optimization rules set up using Cost-per-conversion/action. More info


If you have an event set up in your Facebook pixel but it’s not appearing in the drop-down, ensure that a corresponding custom conversion exists, and then click Sync pixels to ask AdEspresso to look again.

If your conversions are related, check Turn list to funnel to align the conversion events into a multi-step funnel. Hover over the conversions and use the arrows to sort them into a specific order.

For example, a typical funnel would be:

  • Add product to cart
  • Start check out process
  • Create an account
  • Payment
  • Order confirmation

With multiple conversion events being tracked, you can select one to optimize for in the Budget & Bidding step (4) of campaign creation.

  1. Click Optimize for… and open the first drop-down to customize optimization.
  2. Select what you want to Optimize for from the first drop-down, and use one of the conversion events from the second.


Pixel tracking cannot be set up for a campaign that is already published because campaign objectives can't be changed for published campaigns on Facebook or AdEspresso. We recommend making a copy of an existing campaign and setting up the pixel tracking in the new version according to the steps above.

Learn more about campaign objectives


If your conversions aren't being reported properly, there could be an issue with the pixel implementation on your website. Use Facebook's Pixel Helper guide to troubleshoot implementation and common errors. 

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