I can't see my campaign's data on Google Analytics

The most common reason for campaign data not showing up in Google Analytics is when a URL shortener (services like bit.ly) or other redirecting service is used in your campaign.

When a shortened link is used in an ad, Google Analytics tracking parameters are attached to the shortened URL and, when the redirect occurs to the full site URL, the parameters are dropped and not passed to your website, so they are not reported to Google Analytics.

The only solution here is to add your tracking parameters to the destination URL you enter into the URL shortener, but of course they won't be changed dynamically.

There are some redirecting services that will pass tracking parameters to the destination link, for example https://tiny.cc/. Make sure to properly read instructions when using this kind of service. For example Tiny.cc needs you to add a / to the end of the generated URL to make sure your extra parameters are sent.

e.g., http://tiny.cc/5083ay must be copied into AdEspresso as http://tiny.cc/5083ay/

Tiny.cc free service can be very slow, so we highly recommend to get a pro account if you intend to use this service.

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