Create and use Facebook ad templates

Create ad templates for your pre-approved and proven ad creatives to save time when building campaigns. Define all the creative elements of your ad templates in advance, and save them in your Asset Manager. You can keep templates organized in your Asset Manager folders.

Ad templates also give you new possibilities for split testing. Instead of testing permutations of individual creative elements like image and title, you can split test completely different ads with different creative types.

To create an ad template

  1. Click Tools on the main navigation bar, and then click Asset Manager.
  2. Click New Asset in the top-right corner, and then select Ad Template.
  3. Select an ad type for the template, and then click Next.
  4. Complete each field to define the ad's creative, and then click Save.

Edit or delete an ad template from the Asset Manager list by clicking the Actions gear icon to the right of the template.

Editing an ad template will not modify currently running ads using the original template. Only new campaigns will use the updated ad template. Ads can also be edited individually without altering the template.

To use an ad template in a campaign

  1. Create a new campaign, and on the Ads Design step (2), click Test Ad Templates.
  2. Click Choose your ads, select one or more ad templates, and then click Use (#) Ad(s).
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