Change your AdEspresso profile settings

Change your AdEspresso account's profile settings, including the name on the account, the email and password used to sign in to the account, the company name, country, and account locale, on your account settings page.

To edit your profile settings

  1. Click Settings Settings.png on the main navigation bar, or navigate directly to the profile settings page here.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Make your changes to the account's email address, name, company name, country, or locale.
  4. Click Update.

Click Change Password to update the password on your account.

Click Edit Settings next to Application Settings to change the conversion attribution windows on your account, enable whether revenue values are displayed in your dashboard, and authorize data usage on your account.

The subscription settings on the right side of the page are where you manage the billing for your account. See this section for details


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