Local awareness ads

Reach new customers easily for your business or shop with local awareness ads. This campaign type lets you show locally relevant ads to people near your business' neighbourhood. This ad format not only helps people to understand the unique value your business offers, but it also gives them more local context like proximity to your store.

This campaign type supports bulk ad creation.

To create a local awareness campaign

  1. Click New Campaign on the main navigation bar and proceed to create a campaign as usual.
  2. Under What do you want to promote? select Local Awareness.
  3. Click Proceed.
  4. On the Ads Design step (2), select all the elements of your ad creative. Local awareness ads are supported in carousel (up to 5 or 10 images depending on whether you are using creative optimization), image, and video formats.
  5. Select a Call to Action so that your audience can Call now, Get directions, or Learn more.


Note: The Call Now CTA requires an international prefix with the phone number. If you are seeing the error: "Unable to render preview", add the international prefix (e.g. +1, +39) to solve the issue.


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