Automatic Page post promotion

The Automatic Page post promotion campaign type makes it easy to give a little more visibility to your posts, saving you tons of time! Define the kinds of posts from your Facebook Page that you want to promote, and then publish the campaign. As the campaign runs, AdEspresso will automatically boost any new Page content that fits the criteria for boosting that you've defined.
Split testing is not supported for this campaign type. These campaigns have one adset.

To create an automatic Page post promotion campaign

  1. Click New campaign on the main navigation bar and proceed to create a campaign as usual.
  2. Under What do you want to promote? select the Page tab, and then click Page post.
    Tip: If your Page lists a physical address, AdEspresso categorizes it as a Place. If you don’t see a Page tab, select the Place tab instead. They both have the same campaign options.
  3. Click Proceed.
  4. Select your Facebook Page, and then click Automatically promote Latest Posts.
  5. Define which posts will be boosted automatically:
    • Select the type of post you want to promote (Link posts, status posts, photo, video, or all) and how many days to promote it.
    • Promote posts that contain specific links (to your own website). In the link keyword field, include part of the actual URL for your website, even if you use link shorteners in your posts. AdEspresso will still recognize and match links to the original URL if a link shortener is used.
    • Promote posts that have specific keywords in their text, like a hashtag.
    • Promote posts that have good organic reach with a certain number of likes, shares or comments.

      Note: Due to a Facebook limitation, only posts from the previous three months are eligible for promotion through AdEspresso. Posts that are older than three months are not eligible for promotion.

    Certain post types, like shared posts, cannot be boosted. See this article for what can and can't be boosted.
  6. Click Validate your post filters.

Once your campaign is live, you can edit all the settings of your Automatic Page post promotion campaign directly from the campaign's Dashboard in the Campaign Details > Automatically promote by clicking on the grey little pencil on the right. Ad cloning and creative editing for these campaigns are not supported.

New Page posts are typically checked every couple of hours. If they get automatically promoted, they still need to go through Facebook’s ad approval process, so some boosted post ads could be disapproved. If an ad is disapproved, your original post will still remain published and continue to get organic views.


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