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Save time creating relevant Google search ads with dynamic search ads. Enter only an ad description, and dynamic search ads will automatically generate a headline and landing page from the html titles and frequently used phrases on your website that best match a Google user’s search terms With dynamic search ads there’s no need to list relevant keywords for capturing your audience.
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Create a Google search campaign containing only dynamic search ads, or enable them for a single ad group within a campaign.

To create dynamic search ads

  1. On the Campaign Settings step (2) of campaign creation, check the box to Enable Dynamic Search Ads for this campaign.
  2. Enter your website domain (e.g.,, or subdomain (e.g., to limit the pages that can be selected for your ads.
    important_icon_37x44.png Your website must work with http:// at the beginning, or your dynamic search ads will be disapproved.
  3. Select the language of the pages from your site that will be used in your dynamic search ads.
    To create ads for each language used on your site, create one campaign per language.
    See how to copy a campaign for quick duplication.
  4. Complete the rest of your campaign’s settings in step 2, and then click Save and proceed.
  5. Enter a name for your ad group, and then select Dynamic from the Type drop-down.
  6. Optional: Click Advanced Ad Group options to select an ads rotation strategy, include target audience lists, select targeting settings, or add extensions or custom parameters to the ads in the group.
  7. Click Create Dynamic Ads.
  8. Enter a Description 1, and Description 2 (optional) for your ads. These should be written in the same language selected above (step 3). Click the plus icon (+) to create variations of each description.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Review all your ad variations. Hover over a specific ad variation and then click the three dots to Edit or Remove it.
  11. Optional: Click Add ad group to include a standard expanded text ad group for your campaign in addition to the dynamic search ad group.
  12. Click Save and proceed.
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