Create and track conversions from your Google ads

Create and set up conversions to track valuable actions that customers complete as a result of your Google ads. For example, track purchases made on your website as a result of viewing or clicking on one of your ads. Or track calls you receive from ads with call extensions, call-only ads, or phone numbers on your website or mobile site.

In AdEspresso, you can create both website and phone call conversions in your ad account dashboard. You many need webmaster help for the final step of setting up conversion tracking. To track a conversion action, its javascript code snippet must be pasted into the code of your website.

When an ad account has conversions set up, all its campaigns will track all relevant conversions by default. If your ad account has other conversions created natively, you can also see those listed in AdEspresso.

To create a conversion

  1. Click Search an account at the very top of the dashboard, and then select a Google ad account.
  2. Scroll down to Account Settings, at the bottom of the ad account dashboard.
  3. Click Conversion actions.
  4. Click Create conversion, and then select the conversion type.
  5. Enter a name for the conversion, complete the rest of the configuration fields (see below for details), and then click Create.
  6. Click Actions to the right of the conversion, and then click Tag setup.
    Conversions for calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads don’t need any tag setup; their setup is complete.
  7. Click Copy snippet under the Global site tag, and then paste the code into the <head></head> tags on every page of your website. This step only needs to be completed once per ad account, the first time a conversion is set up.
  8. Click Copy snippet under the Event snippet, and then paste that code into the <head></head> tags on each page where you want to track the conversion action.

Conversion configuration fields

Depending on the conversion type selected, you may need to define the following:

  • Category: This is the type of action you want to track on your website, or the type of phone call received.
  • Value: Assign a monetary value to the action. You can select a specific currency, and then enter the dollar amount. Select whether each conversion receives the same value, no value, or for website conversions, a dynamic value. Dynamic values must be set in your website programmatically. A default value is entered here.
  • Count: Choose whether to count every conversion per interaction (customer) or only the first one. For example, only one sign-up per customer is valuable.
  • Call length: The minimum length of a call in seconds that counts as a conversion.
  • Conversion window: The maximum length of time in days/weeks after an ad interaction that a completed conversion action will count.
  • View-through conversion window: The maximum length of time in days/weeks to count a conversion after someone views one of your ads.
  • Include in “Conversions”: Choose whether to include this conversion in the metrics displayed for your campaigns.
  • Attribution model: For Search Network and Shopping ads, choose how your ads get credit for conversions, when customers can interact with multiple ads or do multiple searches. Learn more about attribution models
  • Event type: For website conversions, count a conversion based on the specific page that loads following the completed action, or based on clicks on a specific button or link.
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