Reuse ads and posts

Use existing ads and posts to create new ads during campaign creation. This allows you to keep the social proof (likes, comments, shares) of the posts or ads and save on campaign creation time. 

You can choose any permutations, and test ad templates. All promotable existing posts and ads will show up in the Existing posts tab. 

To reuse existing posts

Use existing posts and ads when creating your Ads Design in Step 2 of campaign creation. You can select multiple ads and posts. 

  1. In Ads Design (Step 2) click Reuse existing posts.
  2. Select a Facebook Page.
  3. Find all promotable posts under Select the posts by clicking Existing posts
  4. Click checkboxes to select posts. 
  5. Click Selected posts to review and remove any of the selected posts from the list by clicking on the delete icon to the right of each post.
  6. Proceed as usual to set up your campaign audience and budget.

Note, to search by post ID or keywords use cmd + F (apple) or control + F (windows).


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